Anomaly's website. An alterhuman multiple system



This is the website for our system! We have information about our system, information about plurality, as well as things we've made.


We are a multiple system consisting entirely of nonhumans, identiying as alterbeing, otherkin, fictionkin, and therian, and we have several members who are otherhearted and copinglinkers.

Collectively, we are also as an alien changeling.

There are over 100 headmates in our system, but not all of us actively front. Co-fronting and being co-conscious is a common occurance. We also have a very large and complex headspace, which we might ocassionally reference.

We would prefer you use the fronter's name or ask if unsure of what pronouns we use.

Our body is an adult, but we do have some system members who are minors.