Anomaly's website. an alterhuman multiple system


This is the website for our system, where we have our posted system list and other relevant stuff, and also we plan on adding some fun things to here.

If you look to your left, you'll see the links on this website. It's usually a good idea to check our system list!

Extra Links we have yet to add to the sidebar: Front Card, Plural Etiquette Questionnaire


We are a mixed-origin multiple system consisting entirely of nonhumans, identiying as alterhuman and otherkin, and we have several members who are otherhearted and copinglinkers.

In terms of groups, you'll probably see us in the alterhuman community considerably more than the plural community.

Collectively, we also consider ourselves and our body to be an alien, and the term alienkin applies. There are over 100 headmates in our system, but only about 20 or so are active in the fronting roster at any given time.

They/them pronouns typically work if you don't know which to use. Our body is 19, but member ages may vary.


Because we get asked this a lot, we're clarifying here we do not have DID or OSDD, and we do not want a diagnosis of such. Although people are very much welcome to ask us questions about our system, please do not prod us for our diagnostic history or relation medical matters.

Please also do not call us alters, we'd rather you call us system members or headmates. Many of us are also comfortable being called introjects, prefering just fictive if applicable. We also don't have a host, please don't ask.

In general most of us also prefer to be called fictionkin or fictionhearted/otherkin or otherhearted as opposed to fictive or extranth, we also ask that you don't invalidate this. Do not, under any circumstances, call any of us k*nnies (we also generally ask you avoid us if you use that word at all for yourself or others).

Alien with text 'I Believe'