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Alterhuman/Alterbeing Resources

This is a list of resources for anything under the alterhuman/alterbeing umbrella excluding those dealing with plurality, which as a separate page. Any alterhumans or similar may contact us if you have any suggestions to be added to this list, and we're always looking for more resources!

Alterhuman - Someone who is outside of what is traditionally considered human, also called alterbeing.

Otherkin - Involuntary identity as something nonhuman.

Fictionkin - Involuntary identity as something from fiction.

Therian - Involuntary identity as an animal (often earthly).

Otherhearted - Identifying with something nonhuman or from fiction.

Synpath - Relating intesely to something nonhuman or from fiction.

Copinglink - A voluntary identity as something nonhuman or from fiction for coping.

Otherlink - A voluntary identity as something nonhuman or from fiction.



Alt+H - An organization dedicated for raising awareness and acceptance towards alterhumans and those who identify as nonhuman. It does also have informational pages.

Betwen Forest and Sea - The personal website of House of Chimeras. Contains several essays and information of the otherkin, therian, and similar umbrellas.

Kinmunity - A forum for alterhumans which also contains informational articles about otherkin and similar subjects, such as otherhearted.

Nonhumanity and Nonsense - A personal website for Flock of Changes with several personal essays and an expansive glossary.

Wildpath Library - A resource and hub for nonhumans.



AnOtherWiki - A wiki for the otherkin community. - A website for otherkin which contains many articles, links, and other information. It is much more spiritual-focused.

Orion Scribner - A personal website for Orion Scribner, who has written essays, articles, and books about the subject of otherkin. - A community hub for otherkin with articles about otherkin and social groups.


Fictionkin - A forum for fictionkin which also hosts articles about fictionkin as well as fictives.

From Fiction - A fictionkin website containing several articles and informational posts.



Feral Scribes - A personal website for writings by Akhila. Has essays and personal experiences by them, but also has a page for essays by other therians.

Project Shift - An informational site about therianthropy with articles and resources for therians.

Therian Nation - A series on YouTube with educational videos, information for meets, and meditation.

Therian Wiki - A well-sourced and expansive wiki for therians, also contains some articles for similar experiences.

The Were Library - A resource websites with many writings about therianthropy and other media.

Werelist - One of oldest modern therianthropy websites! Has articles and a forum.



Animalhearted Entry on Therian Wiki - A sourced and well written entry about animalhearted on the Therian Wiki.

Otherhearted Entry on Therian Wiki - A sourced and well written entry about otherhearted on the Therian Wiki.

Synpath FAQ - An FAQ about Synpaths by the coiner of the term.



Copinglink Entry on Therian Wiki - A sourced and well written entry about copinglinks on the Therian Wiki.

Otherlinks - A Tumblr blog about otherlinks and copinglinks with information on similar subjects.

What is a copinglink? - An article from Kinmunity about what a copinglink is.


Other Resources - A forum and resource for dragconics - those who identify as, have an affinity towards, or feel connected to dragons.


3/16/21 Update: The Therian Amino has been removed due to anti-endogenic beliefs and dogmatic staff.