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Basically what this is is a method for us to indicate who's fronting and what their pronouns are via image, which we use the Universal Sig Rotator to do. Generally, only the fronter's name and pronouns are listed.

Special Names

"Blurring" Means basically "brain soup, no idea who's fronting". We usually won't sign off while blurring.

"Unknown" Is a catch-all for whever we don't know who the fronter is, we may also use this if multiple people are fronting.

"Anon" Means whoever is fronting does not want to incidate who they are for whatever reason.



"[NV]" Stands for nonverbal, means a system member sometimes looses verbility. When used with Blurring and Unknown, we have currently lost verbility.

"[HV]" Stands for hyperverbal, means a system member sometimes goes hyperverbal. When used with Blurring and Unknown, we are currently hyperverbal.

"! [NV]" / ! [HV] Means this system member is always nonverbal (if used with NV) or hyperverbal (if used with HV).

"[H + NV]"Means a system member both sometimes looses verbility and sometimes goes hyperverbal.

"[KID]"Means the current fronter is a child/system kid.

"[AS]"Stands for age slider, means the current fronter is an age slider and may or may not be a child (if they're talking, you can usually tell).


For everything else, you can check our system list for more information on our fronters!



Image Credit: The backgrounds are all Friend Areas from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team.



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