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Plurality Resources

This will be updated shortly. This is a list of resources for anything under the plural umbrella. Any plurals may contact us if you have any suggestions to be added to this list.


More Than One - A website with an overview of plural experiences designed to be approachable to singlets and those new to the concept.

Healthy Multiplicty - A collection of resources for systems designed to help live life multiple (or median).

Plurality Resource - A website that recently went through a redesign to offer classes for plurals (?), but still has a lot of infromation beyond that.

Layman's Guide to Multiplicity - An older, but still somewhat applicable, guide to multiplicity in Layman's terms. Note some terminology and views may be outdated.


Endogenic Systems

Endogenic Hub - A website with a ton of information about endogenic systems, including many experiences and information.

Ex Uno Plures - A personal website with websites and information by Sylvans.


Dissociative Systems

Dissociative Initiative - A website with information and resources on dissociation, multiplicity, and amnesia.

Trauma Dissociation - Information on DID, including the testing, criteria, etc. Uses MPD terminology.

DID Research - A website with a ton of information about DID. Warning: the system behind this website is known for fakeclaiming other systems and making lists of how to spot fake systems, they are also anti-endogenic. Use this website critically.


Soulbonding/Metaphysical Systems

Soul Whispers - A much older soulbonding website by Eclective.

Silhouettes - Silhouettes' personal website with a lot of information about gateway and walk-in experiences.


Created Systems/Tulpmancy - A website with a ton of resources and information on Tulpas, incluiding how to create one and further reading. - Another website with a ton of resources and information on Tulpas!

Daemon Page - The oldest and most up to date website with information on daemons, what they are, and how to create one.