Anomaly's website. An alterhuman multiple system

System List


Our actual system count is in the triple digets, these are only the members who wanted to be listed and have listed themselves. There are certain members who may still front but remain unlisted for one reason or another.

Please don't screenshot this list in any way without permission.

An "*" next to an image signals that it was not created by us, credit is in the image description.

An illustration of the Pokemon Mew from the TCG*

Name: Mew

Pronouns: any

Age: Unknown

Mew & Pokemon cladokin.

I've been in this system since we were small!! I love weirdcore and webcore!

A Missingno in Aerodactyl fossil form from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Name: Rex

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 21

Missingno fictive, glitchkin avian-hearted, and c'linker.

I've been in the system and fronting the longest. Emergency ping.

A cat moshling from the game Moshi Monsters on a blue background.*

Name: Pippi

Pronouns: she/her

Age: ???

A housecat therian, sort of post-fictve.

I've gone through 20 names since I formed and i miss moshi monsters

A void looking reptilian.

Name: Maxwell

Pronouns: he/him

Age: Varies

Hybrid fictive but fictionhearted. Voidkin and reptilian.

Void caretaker and median subsystem, denotes facets by using greek letters.

A glaceon against a rainbow background with text reading nothing in life matters

Name: Eleanor

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 19

Glaceon and foxhearted.

i keep screaming but god won't answer. i love girls and hate the government.

A screencap of a Leafeon from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime series.*

Name: Elvis (Elf)

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 19

Leafeon and foxhearted.

I have no relation to the famous kind, I actually respect woman.

A pixel art of a goat-like dragon

Name: Mimi

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 16

A type of water goat dragon.

I usually chill around dragonkin groups if you recognize me from there, hey

A soft stylized drawing Sean did of himself, a Shadow Bonnie.

Name: Sean

Pronouns: they/them

Age: ?

Shadow Bonnie/RXQ.

I like do things separate from my system, but I play petsites with them sometimes.

A fair use tawny owl.*

Name: Ophelia

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: Adult

A tawny owl.

Rex thought I was his daemon at first oops, I'm now a headspace gatekeeper? what's it called?

An illustraited bezoar ibex goat against a ufo.

Name: Aegagrus

Pronouns: he/him

Age: Adult

A wild goat, probably a bezoar ibex.

I have nothing interesting to say about myself. I'm a therian.

A lightning beast taken from the 90s Legion of Superheroes comics.*

Name: Blix

Pronouns: they/them she/her

Age: Adult ?

A lightning beast, therian-identifying.

I like furry stuff and have a weirdly specific aesthetic, obscure species ;w;

A  screencap of a Totodile from the Pokemon anime smiling with their arms up.*

Name: Fish

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 5-15 age slider

Totodile line and puppy c'link.

hi im fish!! i love pokemon, 101 dalmatians, and cartoons!

A Mant from Don't Starve with a rainbow background*

Name: Icarus

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: ~11

Mant [Don't Starve] fictionkin and ant clado-hearted.

I'm Icarus! I love bugs, amphibians, and fish!

Webber from Don't Starve sitting in a heart made of branches and spider webs.*

Name: Webz

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 13

Webber fictionkin/demi fictive.

I've been here for awhile! I love spiders, stuffed animals, and core aesthetics :w:

A robotic gameboy advance sitting down with a sleeping face on the screen.

Name: AGB Subsystem

Pronouns: they/them

Age: ???

Sentient GBA [objectkin] w/ Pokemon.

Hi! We're a SUBSYSTEM with POKEMON from the third generation.

A Meowth from the Pokemon TCG GBC game.

Name: Scratchcard

Pronouns: they/he

Age: adult


I'll put something later!

A screencap of Swiftpaw from a 2000s Warriors AMV.*

Name: Swiftpaw

Pronouns: paw/paws it/its

Age: 19

Fictive/fictionkin of Swiftpaw from Warriors.

I'm a fictive who's been in the system for years and I refuse to change my name. I'm objectum and multigender.

A blank image indicating a needed 140 x 140.

Name: Lyle

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 20

Fictive and speciesless otherkin.

Hey what's going on, I'm a fictive who coded a lot of this website!

A TCG art of a Vaporeon with a yellow highlight glow*

Name: Ollie

Pronouns: he/him

Age: Adult


Friendly Vaporeon unsure of what to put in his description, so please drink some water!

A dalmatian sticking her tounge out with blue, yellow, and pink highlights.

Name: Boary

Pronouns: she/her they/them

Age: 13

Dalmatian therian.

Hello!!! I'm Boary, I'm new!

A calico cat/Epeon with swirl eyes sticking its tounge out

Name: Dinic

Pronouns: se/ser it/its

Age: 18

Espeon and calico cat therian.

I love clowncore and straight up use it to cope (yahoo), and for some reason I've become the honorary older sibling to so many Pokemon in this system. I don't know why.

A grinning Umbreon with Irken features.

Name: Dervish

Pronouns: he/hym it/its

Age: 18


On the opposite spectrum of Dinic and using viliansonas to cope, and even though I love IZ I am still bitter over how my the creator acknoweldged kin.

Phantom Girl from the 2005 Legion of Superheroes cartoon.*

Name: Nural

Pronouns: ne/nym

Age: ageless


I often front as a mediator.

A cute nuckelavee in the My Little Pony Style.

Name: Ruby

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 17

Nuckelavee and pony-hearted.

I really love My Little Pony! Sorry for having a weird species!

An image of Sanrio's Little Twin Stars against a pastel gay flag.*

Name: Autin

Pronouns: Ae/Aem

Age: 20


I love the stars and I help out with system functioning!

A Picrew of the Annoying Goose with that is brown in color with a pink witch hat and aro flag against a light red background with credit to*

Name: Swan

Pronouns: Any

Age: 20

Harpy and godshard.

Otherwise known as "the angry one", but I'm trying to get better.

An angelkin symbol against the angelcoric background (both made by us).

Name: Laurel

Pronouns: x

Age: 20

Angel and godshard.

I am Autin's partner, and that is all I'd like to say.

A Picrew of a cyclops with brown hair and a green eye against a light green background,

Name: Clove


Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 20

Cyclops and godshard.

I really love flowers!

Headmates Who Want Only Name + Pronouns Listed

Sop - He/Him

Pyxis - They/Them

I.R. - E/E's

Rell - He/Him

Matt - He/Him

Rudie - He/Him


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Name: x

Pronouns: x

Age: x

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Name: x

Pronouns: x

Age: x

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Name: x

Pronouns: x

Age: x

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Name: x

Pronouns: x

Age: x

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