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System List


Our actual system count is in the triple digets, these are only the members who wanted to be listed and have listed themselves. There are certain members who may still front but remain unlisted for one reason or another.

Please don't screenshot this list in any way without permission.

A Moshling from the game Moshi Monsters on a blue background.

Abby | she/her | 14


I've gone through 20 names since I formed and i love moshi monsters!

A smug looking Eevee wearing a collar with a cinnamon clove trinket.

Cinn | any pronouns | 13


my name is short for Cinnamon and I'm here to cause problems!

An Irken/Umbreon hybrid with long red fangs.

Dervish | he/hym | 20

Irken and Umbreon

I'll edit this later.

An Espeon with the colors of a calico cat and swirl yellow eyes.

Dinic | it/its or she/her | 18

Espeon and calico cat therian, Pump-hearted (Friday Night Funkin), copinglinker

I love clowncore and straight up use it to cope (yahoo), and for some reason I've become the honorary older sibling to so many Pokemon in this system. I don't know why. Tumblr (13+).. Xanje

A badly drawn Glaceon giving a thumbs up with text that reads nothing in life matters.

Eleanor | she/her | 20

Glaceon fictionkin/fictive and fox-hearted

i keep screaming but god won't answer. i love girls and hate the government.

A screenshot of Leafeon from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime series.

Elvis/Elf | he/him | 20

Leafeon fictionkin/fictive and fox-hearted

I have no relation to the famous kind, I actually respect woman.

A happy looking totodile with a dog chewy in his mouth.

Fish | he/him | 5-15 age slider

Totodile fictive/fictionkin and puppy copinglinker

hi im fish!! i love pokemon, 101 dalmatians, and cartoons! ask for tumblr/deviantart!

An anime screencap of fried eggs cooking in a frying pan.

Greenly | she/her | adult

Anonymous polyfictive, alienkin, and plant-hearted

I don't have anything to say here.

An Aerodactyl Fossil Missingno from Pokemon Red/Blue.

Rex | he/him | 22

Missingno fictive, avian-hearted, manned wolf-hearted, and c'linker

I've been in the system and fronting the longest. Emergency ping.

A nuckelavee in the style of My Little Pony.

Ruby | she/her | 17

Nuckelavee and pony-hearted

I really love My Little Pony, and I collect the toys! Tumblr.

An avatar of a sliming Mew with a slightly visible skeleton. There is a rainbow DNA strand in the background.

Mew | any pronouns | agevague

Mew (Pokemon) and Pokemon cladokin/cladotherian

I've been in this system since we were small!! I love weirdcore, webcore, and things centered around the early 2000s!

A screenshot of Phantom Girl from Legion of Superheroes

Nural | ne/nym | ageless

Poltergeist and has a copinglink of Phantom Girl (LoSH)

I often front as a mediator.

A black hellhound with his mouth open. Only black, red, and white are used.

Smit | he/him | adult


I'm only putting myself on this list so I can quickly get my icon.

A drawing of Swiftpaw from Warriors wearing a rainbow and black checkered bandanna.

Swiftpaw | it/its or paw/paws | 20

Fictive/fictionkin of Swiftpaw from Warriors

Ive been in this system for 10 years and I refuse to change my name, I'm basically Swiftpaw but a mentally ill, queer, otherkin adult.

A void-looking reptilian monster.

Voidmen Subsystem | he/him | age varies

Reptilian and voidkin, hybrid fictive/fictionhearted, copinglinks of Shadow Kirby and the Terrorbreak

We are a median subsystem consisting of (unnamed), Max, Maxwell, Vin, Carter, and Epsilon. We have a role as the void caretaker. Tumblr (16+).

Headmates Who Want Only Name + Pronouns Listed

Sop - He/Him

Pyxis - They/Them

I.R. - E/E's

Rell - She/Her