Anomaly's website. an alterhuman multiple system


A list of the terminology you may see us use, mostly relating to systems and alterhumans.

&: Used by certain systems to show plurality as a symbol, sometimes at the end of a name or phrase. A way to show respect for some systems is to refer to their system as "you&".

(Age) Slider: A member of a system who experiences any kind of changing age, often on a sliding scale.

Alien (For us personally): A way some of our system refers to each other.

Alterhuman: An umbrella term for identities that go against the idea of what is societally considered to be human, can include otherkin, fictionkin and fictives, otherhearted, copinglink, daemains, post-furry, and non-identity nonhumans.

Anomaling (For us personally): Someone who is new to our system, sometimes also a term of endearment for younger members.

Blurring: When a system is in a state where multiple system members are fronting in some way in a way that blends them together and makes it hard to tell who is who.

Co-Conscious: When more than one member of a system is aware of what is going on with the body.

Copinglink: A voluntary identity chosen to cope with anything.

Co-fronting: When more than one member of a system is using the body.

Cladotherian: A therian who identifes as a clade of of a certain animal rather than a specific animal, such as identifying as every type of a canine or snake.

Endogenic: An umbrella system origin where the system formed from a reason other than trauma.

Fictionkin(d): Someone who identifies as and considers themself to be something from fiction, including characters, species, glitches. This identity is often considered to be involuntary and nonhpysical.

Fictive: Someone in a system who is a fictional character of some kind, sometimes expended to be anything found in fiction.

Fictotype: What a person who is fictionkin identifies as, for example a Pikachu fictionkin would have a Pikachu fictotype.

Fronter: Someone in a system who is using the body.

Fronting: The act of someone in a system using the physical body.

GenderNH: An umbrella term for a gender which is impacted in some way by being nonhuman.

Hatchling (For us personally): An affectionate way of referring to younger system members.

Headmate: A friendly way of referring to members of a system.

Headspace/Inner World: The internal world that certain systems have in their brain, or for some spiritual+ systems the world they have on an astral plane.

Kith: A different way of referring to "otherhearted".

Kithtype: A way of referring to what someone who is otherhearted identifies with.

Kin: Can be used as a shorthand to refer to otherkin/fictionkin, a way of referring to someone who is otherkin/fictionkin, or can be used to denote a certain kintype (i.e. [x]kin)

Kintype: What a person who is otherkin identifies as, for example an elfkin would be considered as having an elf kintype.

Otherhearted: Someone who identifies withor feels a connection to something nonhuman. This may be feeling like something nonhuman is your family or having a strong association to something nonhuman.

Otherkin(d): Someone who identifies as and considers themself to be something nonhuman. This identity is often considered to be involuntary and nonphysical, otherkin are aware their body is human but identify as such otherwise.

Otherlink: A voluntary identity chosen for any reason.

Little: A member of a system who is a child, often younger than 12. Has no relation to the NSFW kind.

Medusan: A sexuality or romantic orientation which is impacted by being alterhuman/nonhuman, and involves being attracted to other alterhumans or intellegent nonhuman entities.

Mixed-origin: A system where there is more than one reason for its existence.

Multiple (System): A system or plural group where the members are distinct individuals. As opposed to median, there the members are less distinct.

Neurogender: A gender which is impacted by ones neurotype.

Plural: A broad term state of being more than one entity in one physical body.

Quoigenic: A system origin where the system does not know, does not care, or chooses not to reveal their origin.

Shift: A term for certain alterhumans (commonly otherkin) who experience a state of being more in touch or acting more like their kintype. Types include phantom shift, where on feels phantom limbs, mental shift, where one enters a nonhuman/other mindset, and a cameo shift where one gets into a shift of something that is not a kintype/kithtype/etc.

Singlet: Someone who is not plural in any way.

Switching: The act of one system member getting out of the front and another system member getting into the front.

System: A term a collective of multiple entities in one physical body.

System Member: One way to refer to an individual in a system.

Therian: Someone who identifies as a living or extinct animal, sometimes expanded to be specifically earthly animals.

Thoughtform: An umbrella term for a system member who was created.

Traumagenic: A system origin where the system formed from trauma. Sometimes also called a trauma-based system.

Xenogender: An umbrella term for various genders which are described as not falling into traditional gender categories. Can include neurogenders, archetypes, and nonhuman genders.