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Virtual Pet Sites

We may do more with this section later, but for now linking to all the virtual pet sites we are on. This also isn't all of them, just the ones we are most active on, but that will most likely change in the future.

 img Flight Rising - virtualpet  img

 A slimy green alien marapet. Marapets - huthiq  A glowing green alien marapet.

 A light brown two-headed deer fawn. ChickenSmoothie - virtualpet  A black spider with a bright glow.

 A red and green dog-like pet that looks like a turnip. Dappervolk - virtualpet  A blue dog-like pet with colorful leaves forming a head tuft and tail

 A sprite of Porygon from Pokemon Black and White. Pokefarm - virtualpet  A sprite of Porygon from Pokemon Black and White

 A brown Doduo egg. GPXPlus - virtualpet  A lined blue and pink Porygon egg.

 A black and blue dragon with two finlike wings and no other limbs DragonCave - venusambassador  A yellow two-headed dragon with red wings and underbelly and a blue mane and tail.